Jobs and the Economy

Creating an economic environment that supports job growth and innovation is my top priority. Our small business owners are the backbone of our economy from Norfolk to the eastern shore. I will work to keep their taxes low and regulations simple so businesses can have the certainty they need to flourish and create the jobs of today and tomorrow. We must also continue to invest in education and the jobs of the future such as the tech sector and advanced manufacturing.

I also understand the important role that our family farming tradition plays in our region. That’s one of the many reasons why I will continue to cut government waste to keep our tax dollars here at home supporting the people that make our communities great.

Individual Rights and Fairness

My values tell me that we must defend our individual rights and freedoms. That’s why I will continue to stand up to those in Richmond and Washington who want the government interfering in our private lives. Personal decisions, such as health choices, must remain between a patient and their doctor. That’s why I will continue to support good preventative measures such as cancer-screenings and defend a woman’s right to choose.

Public Education and Opportunity

For our communities to prosper, our children deserve the best possible education from pre-school right on through to college. That’s why I will continue to work to make sure our kids enjoy high quality education, extra-curricular activities, and skilled teachers so they can succeed.

I also understand that our young students are the business owners and job creators of the future. Therefore, it is so important that we do everything we can to support access to quality training in critical disciplines such as Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM).

Natural Resources

I want my son and all future generations to be able to enjoy the natural beauty we have in this part of Virginia. That’s why environmental sustainability and local control of our natural resources are so critically important. I will continue my record of protecting and preserving our world-class natural areas, such as the Chesapeake Bay, so they can continue to support local tourism, aquaculture and recreational industries.

Additionally, we should do everything we can to make wise environmental decisions to attract new green businesses to our communities. This emerging sector of the economy has the potential to create local jobs, stimulate our growing eco-tourism industry and promote a well-rounded local economy.

Named LCV Legislative Hero/Leader – Nine Times